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In dem regelmäßig stattfindenden Oberseminar tragen Gäste aus aller Welt über Forschungsarbeiten zu Themen vor, die mit der Arbeit von CeVis und MeVis in Verbindung stehen, und Mitarbeiter von CeVis und MeVis präsentieren ihre neusten Ergebnisse.


Datum: 5.12.1997
Zeit : 11.00 Uhr s.t.
Ort : Seminarraum Mandelbrot
Referent: Prof. Max Garzon (Dep. of Math. Sciences, The Univ. of Memphis)

We examine the problem of inferring the true behaviour of dynamical systems to infinite precision from truncated and error-ridden numerical approximations of the type found in computer simulations, with particular emphasis on neural networks and cellular automata. A system is globally observable if its corrupted orbits (called pseudo-orbits) remain close enough to true orbits to be representative to the ideal system. We essentially characterize observable two-neutron analog networks. We also discuss some conditions for observability of cellular automata and its relation to the entire class of dynamical systems. A generalization, relative observability, proves to be an error-tolerant way of simulating most continuous dynamical systems for computer implementation and visualisation. Some of the results presented in this talk are joint work with Fernanda Botelho and Mi Zhou.

A. Rodenhausen, 2.12.1997