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In dem regelmäßig stattfindenden Oberseminar tragen Gäste aus aller Welt über Forschungsarbeiten zu Themen vor, die mit der Arbeit von CeVis und MeVis in Verbindung stehen, und Mitarbeiter von CeVis und MeVis präsentieren ihre neusten Ergebnisse.

C(M)eVis-Oberseminar am 22.4.1999

Datum: Donnerstag, der 22.4.1999
Zeit : 11.00 Uhr s.t.
Ort : Seminarraum Mandelbrot
Referent: Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Allouche (CNRS, LRI, Orsay)
Automatic Dirichlet series and logarithmic frequencies for automatic sequences

In this joint work with M. Mendes France and J. Peyriere, we study Dirichlet series whose coefficients are generated by finite automata. These series satisfy infinite vectorial functional equations, and they can be continued into meromorphic functions whose possible poles lie on a finite number of left half-lattices.

As an application we give a proof of the existence of logarithmic frequencies for automatic sequences that is different from Cobham's proof (1972). An "explicit" expression of these frequencies is given.

A. Rodenhausen, 19.4.1998