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In dem regelmäßig stattfindenden Oberseminar tragen Gäste aus aller Welt über Forschungsarbeiten zu Themen vor, die mit der Arbeit von CeVis und MeVis in Verbindung stehen, und Mitarbeiter von CeVis und MeVis präsentieren ihre neusten Ergebnisse.

C(M)eVis-Oberseminar am 8.5.2002

Datum: Mittwoch, der 8.5.2002
Zeit: 11.00 Uhr s.t.
Ort: Seminarraum Mandelbrot
Referent: Prof. Dr. Jean-Paul Allouche (CNRS, LRI, Orsay)

Sequences that are both p- and q-additive

There are several occurrences in the literature of examples of the following scheme: ``if an object has the p-property and the q-property, where p and q are multiplicatively independent integers, then this object is trivial''. A famous example is a theorem of Cobham in 1969 on p- and q-automatic sequences. We give here some recent results (in particular by Uchida, and by Puchta and Spilker) about sequences that are both p- and q-additive or multiplicative.